“Fisherking” meets “E.T.”© 2000 Aliah Selah

A common thread of continuous motion like flying at light speed, for transitions between scenes.. along with music video style backdrops & Ally McBeal like fantasy flashes.. throughout the film that continually introduces an array of totally cool, eccentric, artist types and what they might really be thinking.

As it begins, we re flying through deep space.. passing milky ways, nebulas, & black holes. Then, we see that it's been the perspective of a glowing bubble of bluish light traveling through space. We begin to travel again from it's perspective and as we do, we hear the echoes of the many superior beings of this glowing bubble of bluish light, offering their farewell advice..

“Rather than telling the humans they've been mistaken, you know, making them all “wrong”.. instead find a way to lead them to their own conclusion and make them feel like they thought of it.”

The glowing bubble is not feeling up for the big job and is endearingly nervous about this long awaited "Return" to Earth where he'd visited many, many, years ago. Continually babbling about these orders & how best to carry them out.

The glowing bubble begins to hover over the Earth until it gets to the US, then to California.. then, to San Diego. Floating through the town as if to be searching for something. Finally, it hovers over several homeless people in an alley. One who physically looks like how we see Jesus and one as we see Buddha. Soon, more & more homeless people are “awoken”- "chosen" because they look like the many messiahs, religious leaders & saints.. of many known religious faiths.

Meanwhile, there's a female singer in this band, who's been singing this song about a those who will one day bring about peace on Earth. The song came from a recuring dream that we see her having as part of the opening. She's a bit trippy and some who come out to hear the band, aren't even sure what she's talkin' about.. they just enjoy the bands music & the good vibes.

The awoken homeless people are growing in numbers and so are their followers and they come to be known by them as the ‘tribe of holy ones’. Together, they have a great time as they travel doing all kinds of miracles. Then, one day at a gig, this ‘tribe of holy ones’… just show up at a gig of the band where the singer is singing a the song predicting them coming. They come to the dance floor.. and begin dancing like the grooviest 60's kids did on acid. The others just who were dancing before they came just stop and stare. Then they begin speaking short poetic thoughtlings when the band stops.. and then do a miracle healing. This gets the whole audience to interact with the performance and from then on - each show becomes an ever evolving ritual.

News traveled of the healing miracles, as like a side show performance art thing for this band. Some think it's the coolest thing to happen in a while, while others from several different faiths become outraged. They think its blasphemy that they go around as all these religious leaders & messiahs. Some even say that their healings are witchcraft, and they decide to go after the band and their now known side show, publicly.

All this media controversy about them soars the career of the band and the singer is very mixed about the "success" this controversy is creating. It becomes even bigger news when the ‘tribe of holy ones’ together with their growing cool, artsy, followers - crash the press conference held for those who oppose them. They come in peace to try to explain to everyone that the time has come for the planet to be at peace & all the messiahs have joined forces to bring about that peace.

Then, several followers ask everyone to help by refusing to have sex with all warriors of any kind and begin chanting.. "Only make love with those who make peace!". This gives the people of all faiths who felt a betrayal from their "godheads" being falsely replicated from ordinary men & women - the conviction they were looking for to go after them even more and they start airing warnings on TV calling them “the tribe of false prophets” (just as funny as those vicious political ads) to “protect” the following that is growing more & more.

Because it’s getting a bit out of hand, the ‘tribe of holy ones’ sit in a circle for group meditation.. focusing on what to do now that it's kinda gone off a bit. Now, something has to be done. Then Jesus separates from the rest of them & does a vision quest to figure out how to let them see that the "return" that each has been waiting for.. is happening!
He falls to his knees and looks up at the camera and screams,
"It's time to stop fighting each other over God!"

These angry people begin to call each other (using  phone trees) planning a huge demonstration against the “tribe of false prophets". The "tribe of holy ones" & their followers want to go to this demonstration against them and talk to them.. again, but they know they need Jesus to be there too. So, they go to find him, they decide to split up and join back at the demonstration. Each has some very funny & interesting experiences on their own.. finally Buddha finds the band at the rehearsal space loading up for a gig that night. They are just about loaded so they finish and all decide to find Jesus together, they hop in the band van and begin their search.

They finally find him in a church where Buddha and he had helped the priest to heal earlier in the movie. Jesus is praying, crying.. he's so bewildered that they rejected him again & misunderstood the message of peace.. instead they created more hatred & he blames himself.
Totally depressed he says he looks up to see Buddha and says,
"It's over.. I can do no more, I have  failed again."
“Oh yes you can!” Buddha says, and he whispers in his ear.

Suddenly, the whole band and both of them are instantly transported to the demonstration. The band is all set up to play but the lead singer is afraid to go on in front of the heated crowd made of both sides & their opposing convictions. So, Jesus gets up to the mic and begins his speech by looking up and saying slowly... "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." Suddenly, a white light beams down through the clouds right down on him.. so that he glows. They all take notice and begin to settle and listen because they’re suddenly speechless.

Then, Jesus gives his speech about how all messiahs come from the same source of inspiration and that it must all lead to peace on Earth together equally or they are all false. He explains how he was sent here to fix what he had left undone.. and only made it worse and that he's really sorry. He explains how at this time in history, we each need to be a messiah within.. that we are living in a messianic age.

All the other messiahs come to join him.. and they hug a big group hug. Suddenly a white bubble appears over them & they return to being the homeless people they were. A few tell everyone how this experience has totally changed them inside. With what they know now they can never go back to wasting their lives as before. A few of the folks in the crowd who've experienced miracles from the tribe.. come forward. We begin to see the crowd changing its energy towards them. Jesus (who’s now glowing) introduces the band and they do song that sums it all up & everyone sings the chorus together by the end of the song. Then, the glowing light goes out of Jesus and he becomes just the homeless man he started out to be. This bubble (white now not blue), hovers a bit over the crowd, shines a special white light on them all and then leaves. Everyone starts hugging each other, they realize that it was a force of God & that there's a lot more to it than we all understand.. but one thing they all know is how silly it is to fight over God & that it's time for an appreciation of diversity.. it's time for a real, true, lasting peace.

This film project is a call to see beyond all religious persecution
and a declaration of our unity as human beings. It's message is pro-peace and a portion of the proceeds will go to peace organizations.

2 other copyrighted concepts for for feature films by Aliah Selah:

StreetKids -
a docu-drama and potential "Fame meets the street" type TV series

Aliah Selah ©1986

After the band meets some runaways, they begin to see that many of the kids who runaway really needed to leave home, it was not safe there. They hear from the kids about a pimp who picks up these young kids when they first runaway and need a place to crash who convinces them they can make good money selling themselves. So the lead vocalist decides to reach out to one of the new runaways who's run away from him. He's violently threatened her and they decided to do something about it. They go to a friend who has just inherited a big warehouse building to give her a safe place to crash and needs to do something with it to be able to keep it - that's when they come up with an idea. The warehouse is huge and could provide plenty of space for dorms, and a huge meeting room added to the bathrooms and kitchen already there. So, together with the friend, and more and more runaways - they create a non-alcohol dance club by night where the band is the house band and many of the talented runaways and other teens showcase their talents. While by day, it becomes a volunteer run "alternative" runaway shelter where the kids receive all kinds of classes and group therapy sessions to develop life skills and work out what they've been through that lead them there. Classes include art, dance, and music therapy, songwriting, poetry, & creative writing, holistic health, nutrition, yoga & meditation and various other healing techniques, and computer skills. One character is a public access producer and his character adds "Reality TV" type interviews with real runaways telling their story in between scenes or at the end. The nightclub becomes an access show as well, and the kids learn public access TV production. This fim could transfer into a weekly TV show. For the film the pimp is eventually taken out of business, yet for the TV series all kinds of gangs and other un-cool drug dealer/pimp types could be potential conflicts and different reliant topic could be focused on each week and the band (who's become the houseband for the dance club) could play a song about it. Topics like: teen pregnancy, drug abuse, child abuse, eating disorders, teen suicide, etc. Many of the kids could actually work out things with their parents through the shelter's mediation program - other's learn to love themselves more and look for other role models and solutions for their lives as they become attracted to what's good for them.

The idea is have StreetKids fund alternative shelters like this..
through-out the country/world - as well as search for talented
homeless kids to be showcased.

Full Moon Rising - a docu-drama
Aliah Selah ©

After the band meets a homeless family, they decide to take them to the greenbelt to a friend who's made a tree house and lush edible gardens that blend in with the scenery. He also knows which native plants are edible. In time, the word spreads on the street of this safe haven and it begins to grow- as more and more homeless people arrive. The problems soon begin for the growing number of folks living in the tree houses because the land is owned by a developer who plans to develop the land. It happens to be land that should not be developed because it's in the fragile watershed area and needs to be protected. He was able to use his money to buy the "right" to built there. A growing number of people are against the development of this fragile land. The "greenbelt people" as they begin to be called.. are growing more and more and now they have the support of those against the developer, because they are becoming the caretakers of the land.

The idea is that someone homeless could watch the film
and learn what plants he could live on in the wild.

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