SOTV is a Showcase for sacred musicans, poets, dancers, & visual artists
tied together with a collage of images spiraling in and out between acts.

SOTV has filmed (with the SOTV Kung Fu Camera Crew) at:
The Mercury, Cafe Mundi, Flipnotics, Ruta Maya, The Cactus Cafe,
& Movements Gallery
in Austin, Texas
& music videos that are sent in or ones we make.

Some of those featured in the past shows have been:
Liquid Soul, Big Breakfast, Applied Culture, Quatropaw, Laura Scarborough, Marcie Winters,
JP Allen, The Hoglegs, Max 217,
 Aliah Selah, & Spiral.

As the show evolves, and we begin our travels,
would like to be able to showcase performers from all over on SOTV,
who want to inspire the calm from the choas through their art.


(Other TV shows we have produced)