(planet earth alliance for creative evolution)
P.E.A.C.E. was first birthed as a Weekly Public Access TV Show in Austin, Texas
Now it is a non-profit organization under Communication Endeavours.

Currently the band SPIRAL is putting together a new show with Peacefarm Productions
& Sprial On Productions where they will be the house band.

A Metephysical Variety TV Show
For A Sustainable Peace

peace within first & then with others...
this is one of the most basic understandings
of the true essence of peace on earth.

peacelders on Y2K:
Dali Lama
Hopi Elder

Inspirations of peace by Peace Pilgrim
(From: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words)

"These are my steps toward inner peace that I wanted to share with you.
There is nothing new about this.  This is universal truth. I merely talked about these things
in everyday words in terms of my own personal experience with them.  
The laws which govern this universe work for good as soon as we obey them,
and anything contrary to these laws doesn't last long. 
It contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  The good in every human life
always makes it possible for us to obey these laws. 
We do have free will about all this, and therefore how soon we obey and thereby find harmony, both within ourselves and within our world, is up to us."