Spiral on...
Not up nor down, it's about goin' round
Onto finding the joy in a cosmic sound
Not in or out, both no doubt - not us vs. them
Only together - can we begin again
Spiral on...
Fly up to your highest skies of possibility by
Saying yes to what comes
All the turns are re-collaborations as we walk the way
Feeling compassion in our Lotus Heart blooming with loves showers
All the passions of our life causes us to learn skills that lead to our calling
All are needed in the walk of our awakening,
All are called onto a deeper path, eventually
We seek to inspire and celebrate coming to see life as our path
towards the light where we all
Spiral on...

Our Spiraling DNA tells us of..

Spiral Isness:

Smells like Nirvana's secret flower

Soul singing meditation beats of peace, alive in silent Zen

Light baring urge whispering truths

Spiral time sacredly.. breathing, being, smiling, chanting,

Celebrating love and speaking of the Tao

Ocean of isness... waves of is not.. more and more smooth

Be the trip, fly up to the sky, laugh, explore, . live life, Be The Sound Of I Am..

Chanting Eeternal Now