Preview Paz's new book: Living Astrology!

Aliah's forthcoming book & multimedia projects that
celebrates healing & creativity:

Isness Vision Questing

The book has evolved
from Aliah's Column
Urban Vision Questing

in the Austin Monthly: Mike's Feedback
And several articles in the
Austin Monthly Newpaper:
Austin Daze
on this theme of being an artist
whose an activist in today's world...

"Spiritual Activism"
"The Art of Disarming the Bully
within & around us".

Spiritual Activism is:
offering our voice about alternatives
in a positive & empowering, solution
oriented way for all concerned...
while we gently allow those who oppose
these changes, a way out with dignity.


Here are some
Spokenword poems
& Spiral lyrics to be included:

Spiral Isness
Spiral Muse

The Art Of Disarming The Bully

It's best to begin through healing and disarming the bully within first, and healing our close relationships...
peace on earth begins one person at a time.

We are all here to Spiral On!